Xiaomi MI band 4- Review

     Every year, Xiaomi adds more highlights to its Mi Band setup while downplaying the value climbs. With an improved presentation, more exercise profiles, and an absolute bottom value, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 squares itself away as extraordinary compared to other modest wellness trackers of 2019. If you somehow managed to consider it the best modest wellness tracker, I don't have a clue whether I'd contend with you.


  1. Low value point 
  2. Exact wellness, wellbeing, and rest following 
  3. Associated GPS is a major in addition to 
  4. 20-day battery life 
  5. A lot of savvy highlights and customization choices


  1. Only connected GPS
  2. No multitasking apps
  3. Doesn't auto-stop tracking


  1. Weight:22.1g
  2. Water Resistance Rating:5ATM
  3. Display Type:AMOLED
  4. Screen Size:0.95 inches
  5. Resolution:120 x 240 RGB
  6. Sensors:3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope;
  7. PPG heart rate sensor;
  8. Capacitive wear monitoring sensor
  9. Wireless connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
  10. Battery:LiPo, 135mAh

Our review:

     MI Smart Band 4 is a reasonable wellness band from Xiaomi. With this, the fourth cycle of the Mi Band, Xiaomi has presented a shading show and swim following, and still professes to offer 20-day battery life. The Mi Band setup started with an item that didn't have a presentation and now we get a gadget with an AMOLED shading show and heaps of watch faces, which are ideal to have.

    This Mi Band 4 likewise accompanies rest following, which is genuinely exact. The Mi Fitness application will give the breakdown of your rest dependent on profound rest, light rest just as a rest score. Given the Mi Band 4 is light, I experienced no difficulty wearing it around evening time for rest. The greatest in addition to purpose of the Mi Band 4 would need to be the battery size. The battery will effectively last over a week or something like that, contingent upon your utilization. The main issue is that you should keep that exclusive charger somewhere sheltered, on the grounds that it is little and can get misplaced.

Overall Verdict:

     Mi Band 4 is a completely fine wellness tracker. It's modest, simple to wear, genuinely tactful and lightweight, and it does everything most $100 wellness trackers can accomplish for not exactly a large portion of the expense. The difficult I had with the Mi Band 4, and what I'd prefer to go through the second 50% of this survey examining, is the manner by which a portion of the messages on the gadget and through the Mi Fit application seem, by all accounts, to be somewhat lost in interpretation. It got so baffling that I discovered it to be too irritating to even think about recommending, particularly in case you're a novice searching for a modest method to begin changing your way of life.

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