Xiaomi MI Band 3- review

The best budget fitness band available in the market.

     Xiaomi is one of the most renowned brands in recent times. They have captured the audience with their affordable gadgets and sleek designs. When they first introduced their first-gen MI band for just 15 dollars, everyone went crazy for them. Xiaomi is best known for giving fitness tracking devices for the best prices. The Xiaomi MI band 3 is the best budget fitness band available in the market. Even though it does not have any higher-end features like expensive brands out there, it is still the best budget fitness tracking bands for first-time users.


  1. Lightweight and comfortable
  2. Water resistance up to 50m 
  3. Battery life lasts up to 20 days
  4. Can do sports and activity tracking at great accuracy
  5. Amazing heart rate monitoring


  1. The design is less attractive.
  2. The screen visibility is not great outdoors.
  3. No options for manually start sleep.


Dimensions:17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm

Strap length: 247mm

Weight: 20 gms approximate

Battery capacity: 110mAh

Standby time: 20 days (approximate)

Screen size: 0.78 Inch

Display resolution: 128 x 80

Required settings: Phones with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or higher

Wrist strap material: Thermoplastic elastomer

Buckle material: Aluminum alloy

Our review: 

     MIband 3 has attracted customers with its amazing features. It has a large OLED screen where you can view notifications by just raising your wrist. The screen displays messages and social media notifications and incoming calls. You can watch the weather forecast and can set alarms and event reminders. 

     With the real-time display of sports activity and heart rate, you can challenge yourself to become fitter. You can track every detail like sports activity and walking data for your health management. The upgraded step count algorithm doesn't miss any steps and gives you solid data.

     It records your sleeping data like deep and light sleep with timings so that you can improve your sleeping habits. When you are busy at work and forget about your health, it gives you alerts to take a walk. With a 20 days lasting battery, it helps you to keep track of your health data. With automatic heart rate detection on, the band lasts for 3-9 days. 

Final Verdict:

   To sum things up the MIband 3 is a huge upgrade over the MIband 2 in almost every way. It has a display that's bigger that's enabled and brighter than the display on the MI band 2. It has additional features like a stopwatch, beaded notifications on more detailed hearted data. It also has better water resistance as compared to the MI band 2. Plus it has a pretty amazing battery life even with automatic hearted docking, something that the MIband 2 didn't even support. SO MI band 3 is pretty much the best affordable band with the essential features. 

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