Best VR headsets

Is it possible to win in a battle filed as in ancient times or to chase a thief? Practically “no” but technologically “yes”. Virtual reality can take you to a different shade of life. Hold on a VR headset on your head and forget the real ambiance, you stand-in. You feel an offbeat experience like flying to a virtual world. Experiment with a Virtual play in reality with an immersive experience. 

Tapping a joystick or clicking the mouse alone doesn't make you more active. Lively Fight with the opponents in the VR games involves muscular movements thereby offers a thriller experience. Also, watch your all-time favorite movies in HD quality with VR headsets. Sit and chill down on your couch to paint the town with VR headsets.

Procus ONE VR Headset-  best VR headset for IOS and Android

Are you a person who enjoys wide panoramas? This Procus ONE VR Headset gives a wide-angle view with its irreplaceable 40MM lens quality.  Immerse yourself in the pond of virtual reality. No more worries about eyesight damage. Procos concentrate more on the user's eye safety and comfort. The inbuilt features like IPD( Interpupillary distance) sharpen the HD vision. The quiet adjusting headband fits perfectly to all head diameter. Tap once with the touch button for any click. The surpassing quality headset joins hands with all smartphones having gyroscopes. Investing in Procus gains your complete satisfaction. During head shakes, a hooked head keeps the device stationary for undisturbed activities.  For a continuous view, we recommend using our device for 30 minutes.

Bobo VR Z4 - best VR headset for PC

Looking forward to a steller VR experience? Without a second choice, just jump into the reviews of the Bobo VR Z4. The smart helmet with 3D glasses is non-restricted to Myopic and hyperopic people for a certain degree of 0-800 and 0-400 respectively. Enjoy the cinema  3D effect with the exclusive Bobo 3D glasses. You can volume up or down using this VR headset without walking away from the phone to reinstall again. Note, most of the VR supporting apps are made importantly for Google cardboard. Bobo VR Z4 places impeccably within it. For its lead ship performance, it is heading to compete with a reputed brand Samsung Gear VR. A special mention about the amazing noise-canceling features with soft memory foam and the expandable earphones. 

Oculus Quest VR - best gaming VR headset

Choose Oculus Quest VR headset if you are in search of the best gaming VR headset. Surprisingly, this wireless headset offers free movement for about 6 degrees. An extraordinary device weighing 1.1 pounds gives a firm fit to your head. The recommended 7-inch widescreen provides a picture-perfect display exclusively for the gaming experience. A bitter fact is that it is costlier than their counterparts.  Get into the immersive gaming experience with its top-notch visuals and smashing audio. After using its sophisticated features, you might get a lifetime of intimacy with games. A high range of graphical content is well exposed by the Oculus Quest VR gaming headset. A cable-free headset involves you in the complete game participation. Highly  Compatible with other Oculus VR headsets unites your friends to join the fun play.

Procus PRO VR Headset- best VR headset for low budget

More concerned about budget beyond the purchase. Add the Procus PRO VR headset to the cart for a better experience at a minimal rate. No matter whether your eyes are close or far from the screen, adjust the distance for quality HD visuals. Without the batteries, the items weigh about 415g. Adjust this Bluetooth connected device using knobs on both sides for a fantastic VR experience. Ears are secure with soft pads that cancel the exterior noise. The Mobile holder eliminates heat methodically and can grip mobiles of any size. The touch button of the Procus PRO headset keeps the wholesome device under control. The fine PMMA(polymethylmethacrylate) intraocular lens gives excellent vision even for people with eye defects. Surf into youtube for unboxing videos for better clarity.

VR Park - best VR headset for Samsung

Afraid of using a VR headset due to physical strain?. Keep your worries aside and use VR Park exclusively designed on an ergonomic basis. Specially designed device to reduce about 30% of eye pressure. Ignore the awkward public opinion and enjoy the movies in postures of your choice. Complete freedom to watch anything anywhere with no compromise in theatre effect. Adjust the top button to get a defined and clear image on the Samsung made display. Watch all the entertaining videos through a high-quality optical lens. Trustable elastic headbands fit people of any head size. The layout of this device relaxes your body and mind. VR Park is available at an affordable price and never disappoints you.

Points to remember: User Guide


Customized VR headset might go beyond the budget. Some of the Companies collaborate with Google to manufacture high-quality headsets. Pick those brands to get good cardboard for a discount. Otherwise, purchase all the accessories separately from the market. Note, the starting price for google cardboard is $15 per piece.

Google cardboard Performance 

Focus on buying google cardboard if you are not willing to upgrade your smartphone. There is no guarantee if your old phone can support google cardboard applications. Moreover, you experience low-quality visuals compared to a high-end VR headset. 


Nothing wrong to burn cash on a comfortable VR headset. First, check into the weight since you are the carrier. Choosing a double padded headset with adjustable head straps would be a wise decision. Importantly, a person with eyesight issues must check to see whether the spectacles are compatible with the headset.


To explore the full potential of the VR headset, you must have a large playing space. Exceptional VR headsets have an option of “ reduced area” mode for a small zone. Untethered headsets occupy less space than tethered headsets as they need a PC and other peripherals to connect.

Merits and demerits of a VR headset

Though the tethered headsets have the competency to handle intense graphical apps, it prohibits mobility.  In uttermost conditions, the cables may get entangled around the legs. It can affect the immersive experience. Untethered headsets encourage user freedom movements.  Easy fit smartphone headsets are available at an affordable price. Those smartphone headsets comfort to watch and immerse into Virtual Reality than you expect. With a decent price tag, varieties of VR headsets are available at the market.


Remember all the factors that run your mind. A wide range of VR headsets in the showroom can confuse you. Make a clear picture before finalizing the VR headset. Reviews and youtube unboxing might help you to a great extent to get online of the VR headset functioning of any specific brand. Picking up an apt VR headset completely depends on personal choice. It is fair to add some additional coins to get a high-end VR headset. Visit your nearby gadgets showroom and enquire about different VR headsets to get lively feedback from the salesman. Place the order after going through the reviews properly

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