Best PS4 games

     PS5 launched in November 2020 and we couldn't be happier. But that doesn’t mean PS4 is out. The best PS4 games are still very entertaining and will remain relevant for a long time to come. If you are a PS4 player or upgrade your gaming console to PS4 pro, you can have some of the best games with excellent graphics. Games like God of War and Spider-Man on PS4 have taken the PS4 gaming experience to a whole other level. 

     If you are a member of PlayStation you would have come across PS Now. With $10 monthly or $60 annually, you can have access to more than 800 games. And if you are a PS Plus owner you will have access to 20 PS4 games when you own a PS5. So it's double the benefit.

     As game freak ourselves, we had a difficult time choosing the list because there are plenty of PS4 games that have the best visuals and storyline. The games listed here are some of our personal favorites and we would like you to play them as well. The list includes games with strong plotline and action and mind-bending twisters and over the top graphics. The list is not in any specific order and every game here included is top-notch.

Some of the best PS4 games are:

  1. Last of Us Part 2
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Apex Legends
  4. God of War
  5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake 
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn
  7. Marvel's Spider-Man
  8. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  10. Nier Automata

1. Last of Us Part 2

     The last of Us part 2 is finally here and we are super excited. With a fresh storyline packed with a lot of emotions, the Last of Us is definitely worth the wait. Ellie comes back with a lot of actions, and moments that will leave us teary-eyed and question our inner morality. This game is sure to make an impact on all the gamers for quite some time even after the credits start to roll. 

     The post-apocalyptic world has never been more brutal yet believable like any other through the eyes of our protagonist Ellie. The Naughty Dog has come up a long way and with the remastering of this Last of Us, it's sure to win over the adventure game audience. The setting is darker with characters that have a gray morality but still make us care for them. 

What to look for in Last of Us:

  1. Great visuals
  2. Amazing storyline
  3. Plot-driven characters

2. Grand Theft Auto V

     Ever since GTA launched its first game in 1997, it had gabbed people’s attention. The GTA had evolved into a must-play game and there is literally no gamer who hasn’t heard about GTA. The characters have grown and many new characters have come into play. Missions are intriguing and compelling for gamers. In the chaotic city with the darkest characters, you will have one hell of a ride. 

     It is definitely one of the best open-world games on the market. Who doesn’t love to get into another man’s car and create a riot in the most favorite city. Franklin, Theodore, and Michael have become a favorite gangster squad for many with their unmatched skills and quirky ways to get this done during missions. The three musketeers set up to go on a heist fiasco to get their life in order. 

What to look for in Grand Theft Auto V:

  1. The open-world has become more adventurous.
  2. Online GTA gaming is interesting.
  3. The first-person mode is an add-on. 

3. Apex Legends

     Created by Respawn Entertainment with a premise on Titanfall universe, this Apex Legend is a squad-based battle royale shooter game where a team of three members goes up against 57 opponents. The last standing man/team wins the game. Unlike PUBG or Fortnite which is highly competitive, Apex Legends gives you a decent battle experience with your squad with some mind-blowing weapons (literally!).

     The game is fun to play with some exciting lined up characters. It is the perfect replacement for anyone who finds it hard to play games like PUBG and Fortnight. Also, the class variety, new combat moves, and limited edition missions make Apex Legends a much more exciting PS4 game. Some of the royal passes can be less exciting and they need to improve some of their gadgets. But it's a fun game to play with your friend squad. 

What to look for in Apex Legends:

  1. Amazing character personalities.
  2. Fun and easy battle royale game out there
  3. Beautiful ambiance and costume. 

4. God of War

     One of the most successful action franchises in PS gaming is God of War. Our favorite game character Kratos is angrier, more brutal, and more energetic in this new God of War. You can explore this dark world in Kratos vision and the missions are more puzzling and exciting every time. The storyline is more violent and it's a cherry on top for action/adventure game fans. The more you dwell in the world of Kratos the more you feel for the character. 

     As a mentor and a father, Kratos's character arc has evolved over time. All the characters in the storyline have specific purposes and the creators have made the characters in-depth with morality. The story is heartfelt and every time you finish a mission, you get sucked more and more into the world of Kratos. This game is a true treat for PS4 owners and we hope they release a sequel soon. 

What to look for in God of War:

  1. The most interesting and heartfelt story in the franchise.
  2. Great action and engrossing set.
  3. You can explore the world more. 

5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake 

     Our favorite PS3 game Final fantasy has been made brand new with this Final Fantasy 7 remake. Cloud strife is on a mission that will be remembered for ages to come. The storyline is a major improvement and the stunning visuals are breathtaking. Anyone playing this on a 4K screen will be mesmerized. Usually remaking a classic will be difficult because if the reboot doesn't succeed, it will spoil the image of the whole franchise. Thankfully they made it even more spectacular. 

     This game is a benchmark to all the Final Fantasy games, and the following edition will be measured by its success. The upcoming Final Fantasy Remake part 2 will have a tough competition to fill the predecessor shoes. The storyline might be linear, but action-packed missions and puzzling quests makes this game one of our personal favorites in the best PS4 category. 

What to look for in the Final Fantasy 7 remake:

  1. Breathtaking visuals with an immersive environment.
  2. Characters are well-etched with an in-depth personality. 
  3. Catchy music.

6. Horizon Zero Dawn

     Guerrilla released its most sought-after game “Horizon Zero Dawn” with stunning visuals of a post-apocalyptic world. The sceneries are beautiful and running through the world hunting mechanical creatures is always fun. It involves decision-making skills and you should master the weapons to beat the creatures. There is a thrill in finishing the quest and finding the reason behind the post-apocalypse in the world that hates you. 

     Aloy has become our favorite gaming character with his excellent combat skills and his great personality. The story might be a little confusing at some point and can be a bit slow-paced. But once you get into the character and go on his emotional journey, you will wish that the game never ends. We also got an update that Sony is working on a sequel and we are excited as you. 

What to look for in Horizon Zero Dawn:

  1. Beautiful visuals and characters.
  2. Best suitable for people who love machines.  
  3. The best adventurous open-world game.
  4. Excellent action sequence and intriguing missions. 

7. Marvel’s Spider-Man

     Spiderman is one of our favorite childhood superheroes for many of us. Swinging through the city with an interesting mission to catch the baddies and restore the law. Spider-man is a joyful ride and a rollercoaster of fun and adventure. It's always fun to play our favorite heroes we admired during our childhood. Balancing his superhero life and his personal life has always been difficult for Peter Parker and the story has a lot of heart and humor. 

     Web-swinging is one of the major key factors for playing spiderman games and this latest edition has made the swinging much classier. You can explore New York city since it's an open-world game. The only thing that falls short of this fun game is its length. The plot is too short and it leaves you yearning for more once the game ends. 

What to look for in Marvel’s Spider-man:

  1. Excelling swing moments.
  2. Interesting storyline and missions.
  3. Open world Newyork city allows you for exploration. 

8. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

     The latest addition to our favorite RPG game is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The graphics are stunning and the main protagonist Kassandra has a stunning characterization. The game has a large world to explore and the stunts and combats are classy as ever. You walk through Greece trying to unfold various missions and to find your origin. This latest Assassin creed game fits into one of the best adventure franchises of all time. 

     If you have a 4K monitor, you are in for a treat. You can explore ancient Greece and find out about the way they live in this game. The game is not repetitive in content and every new mission is a mind-bender to solve. The only thing you might find difficult is the game’s length. It has over 100 hours of content which is quite long. But once you get started, you will be transported into Ancient Greece.

What to look for in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:

  1. Stunning visuals with interesting missions.
  2. You can explore more of Ancient Greece.
  3. Great story with a great protagonist. 
  4. More missions for Assassin’s creed fans. 

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

     Geralt of Rivia is back to finish his quest and safeguard his fortress and find the stolen artifacts. His mission is one of the interesting plots in the RPG game and with stunning visuals and an enthralling story, you are more involved in his world. The combat combinations may be hard to master in the beginning, but once you get a hold of the action sequence there’s no stopping you. 

     In the huge world of the Witcher universe, you can do a lot more missions outside the main quest. It gives you a deeper understanding of the characters and the game. Anyone a fan of mythological characters will love the Witcher 3:Wild hunt. To top that, Netflix has released The Witcher series which you should check out if you are a fan of this game. 

What to look for in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

  1. Great visuals and many sites to explore.
  2. Additional sub-quests are more entertaining.
  3. The characters have depth. 

10. Nier Automata

     The reason we included Nier Automata in our top 10 list is because of the theme and its characters. The dystopian future is perfectly showcased here and who doesn't love to dress as an android and fight evil machines. Not to forget its impressive soundtrack. The soundtrack is well suited for the story and combat sequences are top-notch. 2B the protagonist talks about morality, free will, and humanity in the most intriguing way. 

     The characters are perfectly sketched with interesting personalities and the creators make us root for them. Certain content might feel repetitive but this game has an excellent replay value. People who are looking for an ambitious storyline with a lot of mind-bending twists can definitely go for Nier Automata. With 2B and his droid companion 9S, you should save our home, “The earth” from those mechanical baddies. 

What to look for in Nier Automata:

  1. Best game about a dystopian future.
  2. The characters are plot-driven and not mere caricatures. 
  3. Best experimental game for gaming enthusiasts. 

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