Best PC games

Are you a game addict? You can play different types of games of your choice on a PC (Personal Computer). You can control the game using accessories like a mouse, keyboard, etc. Importantly, you can play games even without the internet. The PC world offers you a wide range of games. Gamers prefer playing games on a PC to a console.


Every PC game has unique software and hardware. To play the latest games, you must upgrade the OS(operating system), graphic card, the processor of your computer. On PC, you can also use multiple players for a game using the internet whereas you have to pay money while using consoles like PS4 to add multiplayer. With the help of a customized PC, you can run all the latest games. 

PC games Vs console games

When examined closely, you can see more availability of technical skills in PC games. To upgrade in Pc, you must upgrade each hardware component. Significantly, you experience better visualization in PC games. A wide range of controllers in PC games helps the gamer to make the game under his control whereas console games have certain restrictions. With the use of a gaming mouse, PC games become more convenient for the players. Moreover, PC games are lesser in cost than console games.


Assassin’s Creed - best PC game all time

In the people point of view, the most favourite game has gained more positive reviews. The highlights are game design and visuals. As per records till doctor 2020, over 155 million people downloaded the game. Some versions of the Assasin Creed allows multiplayer. This game is developed based on the active and passive move concept. The player must fight with the guards and hide in a safe play. This game gives you an excellent thrilling experience throughout. Recently, the latest version of Assassin’s Creed has released. It is supported in Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox series X.


Resident Evil 2- best horror game for PC

The most recommended horror game that has several versions is Resident Evil 2. This game plays around the super scary zombies. The dark encounter of the zombies engage yourself into the pay and gives a joyful experience. During the release, the company sold around 4 million copies within a short period. In 2020, it won the NAVGTR award for the category class revival game. To unlock advanced levels in the game mode “ No way Out”, the payer must defeat more than 100 zombies. As the name, game modes like “ No time to Mourn” will give you the horrific experience where you have to fight the enemies throughout the journey till you reach the destination. Initially, the game with downloadable content was released in 2019.


Need for Speed (NFS)- Best free PC game

Without a second choice, any person who is interested in racing will go for NFS. Making a record of selling 150 million copies, this is one of the popular racing games. The game consists of tasks in which the player has to win to get into the next competitive rounds. The game series involves multiplayer. According to the different versions, the game strategy also varies. In some games, you can damage other cars by sliding over them whereas in some came you cannot damage the vehicles. After winning a series of rounds, a qualified racer can unlock the other vehicles.

This War of Mine- Best survival games

One of the challenging survival games is “This War of Mine”. The release of the game was in 1994. Along with other survivors, you have to battle to survive in a city without proper water, food, or shelter. The player will travel day and night to stay. You have to fight with the sniper all day and hide in a safe place. In the darkness, you have to hunt for things that keep to alive. This survival game supports Windows 7,8 and 10. This paid survival game will give a real feel of struggles in an abandoned village. Once you start playing, you never know the hours spent.

Grand Theft Auto V- best single-player game

A single-player game that gives an action-adventure duo is Grand Theft Auto V. In this game the player travels around the world. The player involves fun activities like scuba diving. You can change the outfits of your choice. A few mission need two or more characters to complete the games. The player can play the game in two different modes, i.e., you can either play solo or group. The selling copies of the game crossed over 135 million within a short period. In 2011, it won the game award for the most anticipated game category. 

Unreal tournament-best multiplayer game

The game that comes under the FPS category is the Unreal tournament. It is entirely comprised of chasing features. The game modes are the key feature that made these games as one of the best multiplayer game in the world. This multiplayer game is one of the exciting games where the games don't care about the time. It is very addictive, and you can have fun with your friends. The different types of weapons used in this game made the players finish more levels.


Advantages of playing PC Games

1. Playing PC games can distract you from any trauma and ultimately makes you involved in the play. Video games can significantly help children who experience body pain.

2. PC games can boost your calculative and analytical skills as you mainly target to reach the goal on time.

3. Obviously, your eye and hand coordination is improved

4. Gaming at a very young age can develop creativity seeing the graphics and visualization of the game

5.Many PC games are concerned with puzzles and riddles. Creating the thirst to reach the goal, players must use their problem-solving skills. Thereby enhancing soft skills.

6. Doctors highly recommend that playing PC games is a form of a cure. Engaging yourself in playing games for a few minutes can relieve mental stress.

7. In real time, the kids playing PC games remains more acive compared to other kids. They are goal oriented and very smart.

8. The ability of multitaskingis witnessed in gamers. A recent study sows that a race game player for few hours can increase the multi tasking performance.



All the above, a better experience is obtained in PC games with high graphic design. You can build your computer to play comfortably. Remember, PC supports most of the games. You can play the games of your choice. All the PC games will engage the players. PC games offer you many options that you can either play single or group, offline or online mode, free or paid games, etc. A complete game experience with a high-speed processor, Graphics Processing Unit(GPU), and memory is guaranteed. Most of the latest games require a minimum of 4GB of RAM.


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