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     Sitting in a chair and doing your work may sound good until you get back pain, leading to serious health issues. That's why it's important to have the best office chairs that are comfortable, ergonomic, and meet your budget. With work from home is increasing day by day, your normal home furniture may not be suitable for your long working hours. That's why buying an office chair is an important task.  

     A good office chair is best for your long hours typing, long meetings, and sometimes even watching a movie or playing games comfortably. So buying the best office chair means a long-term investment. Buying a cheap chair is false ecomomy since you will fell cramped and uncomfortable using it. Which will probably not be for long and you will have to go and buy another office chair. Sitting for a long time is not advisable. After long periods of sitting it is best to get up and go for a walk and exercise for a bit. 

     After conducting extensive research on various chairs in the market, we have updated our list of the best office chairs of 2021. These chairs are comfortable, they are made out of breathable material and has a longer life expectancy, and ergonomic. 

Some of the best office chair of 2021:

  1. Steelcase Series 1
  2. Herman Miller Aeron
  3. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair
  4. Hon Exposure
  5. Steelcase Think
  6. Steelcase Gesture Chair
  7. Herman Miller Sayl Chair
  8. AmazonBasics Classic office chair

1. Steelcase Series 1

Best office chair under $500

Material Maximum weight Product dimension Product weight
Textile 300 pounds 23.75 x 27 x 41.25 inches 29 Pounds

     Steelcase is known for its office chair with a sleek design and ergonomic design. This Series 1 from Steelcase has comfortability, style, and all other features under $500. With an adjustable seat and adjustable arm, this chair will be a perfect office chair that can fit into any space. The key to any office chair is an ergonomic design which this chair excels in. The seat is fabric and comfy, which is made with 100% polyester. 

     Also, there are different color variants for you to choose from. They have some attractive colors like canary, tangerine, and scarlet. While buying them on Amazon, you get an expert to assemble option for an additional $49. But the assembly is quite simple, and with a few glances at the manual, you will be good to go. You get a 12 years manufacturer warranty which will put your mind at ease. 

2. Herman Miller Aeron

Best office chair for posture and comfort. 

Material Maximum weight Product dimension Product weight
Recycled Material 350 lbs 28.25 x 28.25 x 43 inches 43 Pounds

     The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the top-end models when it comes to posture and comfort. The tilt limiter helps you adjust to three postures like upright, middle, and full recline. This is one of the premium quality office chairs. However, this chair is so comfortable that it will be worth the money you spend and you can consider it a long-term investment. 

     This chair lets you adjust almost everything to make sure you are seated in the most comfortable position. The recline range has three posture options, and you can make the seat angle adjustment effortlessly. The armrest is fully adjustable, thus making it more comfortable than other ordinary office chairs. The Herman Miller has been around for more than 20 years, and with chairs like Aeron, they convey the brand's message that they are very health-conscious.

3. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Best office chair under $200.

Material Maximum weight Product dimension Product weight
Alloy Steel 250 pounds 25.5 x 25 x 13 inches 28.5 pounds

    If you are looking for a comfortable office chair for under $200, then the Hbada Office Task desk chair is the perfect choice for you. They are compact so not to take up too much space in your office, and it can fit into small rooms. The 90-degree armrest, adjustable lumbar position, and 90-125 degree recline make the chair a comfort zone at work. The mute nylon wheels are designed as shock absorbent and wear-resistant.

     The cushion seat is breathable, which makes the chair very comfortable, and the alloy steel makes the chair supportive and strong. The maximum weight supported is 250 pounds. All these features come at an affordable price, making it a solid choice for anyone looking for a budget office chair. This chair also comes in an attractive white color and standard black.

4. Hon Exposure

Best office chair for the money.

Material Maximum weight Product dimension Product weight
Plastic, Metal, Mesh, Fabric 250 Pounds 26.75 x 26.5 x 40.5 inches 40 Pounds

     Though Hon has released its Ignition chair, the Hon exposure has all the best features and at $100 less than its successor. If you are working from home and need a decent chair with good ergonomics, we recommend you have a look at this Hon Exposure. The breathable mesh seating makes the use of this chair very comfortable. There's an option for mesh leather if you are a fan of leather seating. 

     With efficient lumbar support and adjustable arm resting, Hon Exposure is a good choice if you are working within a budget. The backside of the chair is fabric mesh which helps airflow on your back. The reclining option is great in this chair and makes you comfortable with any adjusting positions. The weight support is limited to 250 pounds. 

5. Steelcase Think

Best ergonomic office chair of 2021

Material Maximum weight Product dimension Product weight
Licorice Fabric 400 pounds 18.5 x 28.5 x 42.5 inches 55 Pounds

     Choosing an office chair is as important as choosing your bed. In both these pieces of furniture, comfort is key. A good office chair is an investment you make in your comfort, and Steelcase Think is a good investment. While most of the chairs mentioned above have a maximum weight capacity of 250-300 pounds, the Steelcase Think has a 400-pound capacity. The licorice fabric is soft to sit on. 

     Steelcase Think comes with four adjustable arms providing comfort for your arm, shoulder, and wrists. The lumbar support has a four-inch adjustable range which will be very comfortable for your back. Another reason to choose this Steelcase Think series is that it comes fully assembled, so there is no fuss about assembling them. Overall, Steelcase Think is one of the best ergonomic office chairs with comfort at its best.   

6. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Best executive leather office chair of 2021

Material Maximum weight Product dimension Product weight
Textile 400 pounds 23.6 x 34.6 x 44.2 inches 61 Pounds

     Steelcase makes both comfortable and sleek design office chairs. Their Gesture series is the cherry on top of their best office chairs. Like the Steelcase Think series, the Gesture chair series also comes with a wide variety of fabric color options. From Black leather to Wasabi fabric, there are a total of 56 varieties of fabric material. The maximum capacity is 400 pounds which are higher than the average office chair.

     This is the third Steelcase chair that has made our list which tells us the brand efficiency. This chair is designed especially for people who spend a lot of their time sitting for their work. Though it is not advisable to sit for long hours, the time spent sitting should be in something comfortable like a Steelcase Gesture chair.       

7. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Best back support office chair at an affordable price.

Material Maximum weight Product dimension Product weight
Alloy Steel 300 Pounds 26 x 24.5 x 37 inches 38 Pounds

    This is a chair with an innovative "love it or hate it" design that stands out from other normal office chairs. The material is comfortable for your back, and the adjustments are very easy. The breathable back will allow airflow, thus preventing you from sweating during work. The 3D-designed back support gives you a lot of freedom to lean back, and the material feels comfortable on your back. 

     There are different seat colors and back suspension colors to choose from. Customize the chair's color according to your liking. This chair is ergonomic like Herman Miller Aeron, and the price tag is not as much as Aeron, which makes it the best substitute. The Y back support is a striking difference from other chairs, which makes it unique. If you like aesthetic vibes, this chair is for you. 

8. AmazonBasics Classic office chair

Best budget office chair under $100 with a traditional design.

Material Maximum weight Product dimension Product weight
Microfiber 250 pounds 28.5 x 26.25 x 43.5 inches 35.16 Pounds

     Amazon Basics gives some of the best accessories at an affordable price. Their AmazonBasics Classic office chair is known for its traditional office chair design with comfortable seating and ergonomic support. The 100% microfibre is soft and protects your chair from stains and dirt. The padded backsupport at the headrest and the seating are great for a comfortable posture. The chair is compact and can fit into any working space. 

     It has every feature of a standard office chair, like rolling wheels and 360-degree swivel capability. You can adjust the chair's height according to your work. It has no adjustable armrest or lumbar adjustment. But given the price, you can't expect much. This is a decent office chair that is suitable for people who look for budget-friendly office chairs.  

How to choose the best office chair?

     Picking a good office chair amidst the variety of choices is not an easy task. That's why we chose the chairs based on the following features. These are the essential characteristic to check before you buy your dream office chair. 

  1. Build quality.
  2. How you use it.
  3. Comfortable seats.
  4. Lumbar supports.
  5. Armrests.

Build quality

     Our list of office chairs ranges from $100 to $2000. For every price range, the chair's materials used changes. Here's where you know that you get for what you pay. According to the materials used, the cost of the office chair differs. Some chairs use leather mesh, while others use microfibers. These built materials are important to check before buying. And also the pole which holds the chair together. 

How you use it

     The next thing to check is how you are going to use it. Are you buying for working from home, or for your office or thinking of replacing an old one? Some office chairs are comfortable for long usage, but some chairs are not comfortable for more than 2 hours. Some office chairs can also be used for gaming purposes as they are extremely comfortable. 

Comfortable seats

     This is one of the key features to look for in the office chair. Comfortable seating means more hours of productive work done without any hindrance. Read the reviews of the chair's seating before buying one. The seating material should be breathable, which allows the airflow, thus having a comfortable sitting position. If there's a showroom nearby, visit and have a personal experience before buying. 

Lumbar support

     Lumbar support is important to maintain your body posture and avoid back pain. Mostly every office chair comes with lumbar support, which is also adjustable. But few of the budget office chairs don't have adjustable lumbar support. Look at these features before buying. Bad lumbar support can lead to back pain and health issues. Don't compromise on this feature and go for cheap office chairs. 


     An armrest is also a key feature while looking for your office chairs. Most of the high-end office chairs have a 3D adjustable type adjusted according to your needs. But some of the basic office chairs have a fixed armrest. You should also note the armrest material for comfort. 

     The best office chairs should meet all these features and also suit your budget. Make sure your office chair is ergonomic, economical, and the build quality is everlasting. 


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