Best Hoverboards

Have you seen a butterfly flying around the bushes without any efforts? Do you want ever want to walk around a park and enjoy nature like a butterfly? Practically, you can. Hoverboards are specially designed self-balancing electric devices that help in the fastest mobility. If you want to walk on a very long pavement then these segways are a good choice. You can have a good time with nature by controlling the movement of the devices just by applying your weight.

Coming to the origin, the exact history of the hoverboards is not known. However, the hoverboards became familiar in the USA in the year 2005. Cities like Newyork have restricted the use of hoverboards while California restricts the use of these scooters by children under 16 and also laid right rules on speed limits and wearing helmets while riding the hoverboards. Citizens of Germany, England, Netherlands, Australia must follow the laws framed by the respective countries during the hoverboard ride.

Working of the hoverboard

You might wonder after knowing about the working principle of the hoverboards. These devices can be charged using lithium-ion batteries. Hoverboards works similar to skateboards in which the rider can place their feet on a platform between the wheels. The motor of the hoverboard will supply the power to the wheels whereas the gyroscope can tilt the device to maintain the balance of the rider. The battery of this scooter( preferred lithium) can store the potential for the ride. The processors embedded inside the hoverboards can synchronize the power to the wheels.

Lets us discuss some of the best brands preferred by riders across the globe.

1. Best hoverboard for beginners

Clearly, if you look into the wish list of a teenager, you will definitely come across the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. This hoverboard ensures safety first as it has passed the UL 2272 certificate ( certificate for safety comprehensive system). This hoverboard is equipped with Everbalance technology and shied technology. The former helps in balancing the scooter and the latter assures you that there is o possibility of hazards. You can trust the brakes while riding on rough surfaces. Razor Hovertrax can hold a maximum weight of around 100kg. The speed range is 8 mph for a smooth ride. In case of any malfunction, the Aegis Armor Battery Protection will provide safety to the rider. This hoverboard is available in all favorite colors like blue, pink, red, black, etc.

2. Best hoverboard for teenagers

Most teens prefer modern look hoverboards with high safety. Without any doubt, GoTrax Hoverfly ECO is a great choice. Since this hoverboard is provided with three-speed levels such as the training, standard, and pro level. So this hoverboard is suitable for all category people to use. Definitely, you can cover an approximate distance of 10 miles with a full charge. Apart from a 250-watt battery, this hoverboard comes with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. The 6.5-inch rubber wheel can bear the weight of around 90 kgs. The Hoverfly has a smartphone app known as Gotrax Hoverfly App that can be used for either IOS or android system. You can still expect an upgrade in the app as the team is working on the application improvement. This hoverboard is available in 6 distinct colors.

3. Best kids hoverboard

Kids are always interested in adventures. The TOMOLOO  hoverboard is specially designed for kids. The wheel with LED lights makes the device so attractive while riding on the pavements. Like other hoverboards, the TOMOLOO hoverboard has also passed the UL2272 Certification. This device is supported with pedals to ensure safety for children. Along with the colorful LED lights, the Bluetooth speakers will help to listen to music throughout th ride. Obviously, it can support the weight of around 75 ks since it is made exclusively for kids. For a single battery charge, TOMOLOO can cover a distance of 4.3 miles. It is available in 3 different colors like black, blue, and pink.

4. Best safest hoverboard

If you are looking for a hoverboard with good safety purposes, then you can go for SISIGAD hoverboard. The self-balancing control system inbuilt in this device can help the amateurs to learn better. The high-quality wheels are 6.5 inches and can enhance a good riding experience. SISIGAD hoverboard is the most recommended one by parents. The Li-ion batteries can be quickly charged and the Bluetooth speakers are wireless and are easy to connect to any portable devices. It is very easy to control and the long-lasting battery will never disappoint the kids.  This USA-made hoverboard is available in vibrant colors. The SISIGAD have no compromise in quality and safety as it has passed all the electrical test and is UL2272 certified.  

5. Best Electric Hoverboard

The Hover-1 is a choice if you want a hoverboard with good charge capacity. The major advantage of this brant is that it is foldable. The Lithium-ion battery can charge up to 5 hours. It is stringy recommend for a long ride. The Hover-1 has passed the UN 38.3 test claiming that the batteries are safe during transportation. The device weighs about 28.5 pounds and can hold a person with 120kg. You can ride over a slop with a maximum inclination of 12 degrees. Although the batteries are 250 watts power, this device can cover a distance of 7 miles. Along with the colorful LED lights, GPS tracking is also provided. Without thinking for a second, you can choose this hoverboard as it is apt for any rider since it has 3 different skill modes.

Benefits of a Hoverboard

1. Improved Health condition

When you travel for a mile in an erect position can greatly help in gaining good posture. Experts say that the S-shaped hoverboards help in burning the calories. It is known that the movement of the Hoverboard depends on the weight put in by the body.  Definitely, this helps in controlling the muscles thus reducing the body weight.

2. Environmental friendly

The Hoverboard doesn’t run on fuels like diesel, petrol, etc. It can cover miles with charging batteries. The main advantage is that it won’t release any toxic gas thus reducing air pollution. We all know that the rates of renewable resources are very high so you can opt for this method.

3. Maintenance-free

Unlike other vehicles like bikes and cars, no need not put fuel to run the device. A fully charged Hoverboard can cover miles without any issue. Also, you can enjoy the ride listening to music. Self-balancing is the only skill required to drive the hoverboard.


Hoverboards are specially designed for all those who are wanderlust. As mentioned above, you can choose any hoverboard of your choice. The specifications in the hoverboard suit all riders. All the safety measures are ensured with proper certification. These self-balancing devices are fun-filled. It can greatly support the workers in large industries where they have to walk a long distance. Hoverboards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. We guarantee you that after using these devices you will never feel to walk again. You can reach a greater distance in a short span of time. Remember to drive the Segways at a limited speed. Ensure self-safety measuring like helmets, knee pads, etc before the drive. Enjoy the ride using hoverboards.

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