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Do you ever think that a custom PC can improve gaming? There was a time when purchasing a PC was a nightmare for middle-class people. Now, everyone can afford a gaming PC. The games are not limited anymore. Play numerous games on your favorite customized gaming PC. 

Before swiping the credit card, you must take some factors into account like memory, central processing unit (CPU), Solid-state drives (SSD). You can either go for a pre-built or a customized gaming PC. 

Factors considered for buying a gaming PC


The first and foremost thing that pops up in your head is the budget. Everyone has a fear that customized PCs might cross the budget. But it is not the fact. Some companies like Velocity Micro give you an option to pick the components of your choice. 

Type of game and Memory

When you are a game addict, then you must consider the storage memory. Some of the games demand a high-speed processor and better graphics. So you must be prepared to select a gaming PC that satisfies all the conditions for the game you wish to play. Set your mind to buy at least 8GB RAM.

Storage Option

Coming to storage, you either store the game in a solid-state drive or hard drive. You can prefer solid-state since the cost is considerably low and the game performance will be okay. Also, the SSD is power efficient and generates low noise. On the other hand, if you plan to store pictures and videos then go for a hard drive

Audio ability

Do you agree that the Sound is the core thing that can excite the player during the game? In the case of online multiplayer games, you must purchase a quality headset for better audio clarity. A virtual 3D software allows multi-audio hearing ability via headset.

Let us see some of the best gaming PCs in today’s market.

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10- best high performance gaming PC 

          A gaming PC that has a special place for its high-performance processor is the Alienware Aurora Ryzen. This PC creates the best first impression with its attractive exterior design. When coupled with a graphics card called RTX 2080, Aurora delivers good productivity. Without any doubt, the classic Alienware logo at the front will grab your attention. The back view of the PC looks like a spaceship engine. This is a windows operating system that supplies a power of 850 watts. Numerous ports of the PC helps to extend the storage. You can easily dismantle the panel on the right side just by pulling a switch. There are 4 slots for RAM that is preoccupied with 2 mandatory RAM. The Aurora is super fast while copying. For example, it can copy data of 4.97GB in just 5 seconds. RGB lighting makes the PC vibrant. Alienware Aurora is expensive.

Corsair One a100- best small Game PC

Being small has its advantages. At first look, Corsair seems very compact. But in reality, this tiny one amazing power despite its size. More storage space with 32GB of memory. If you are interested in playing any kind of game and don't care about money then Corsair is the recommended one.  You can play high-end games with efficient power. The Display ports near the power supply help in managing the cables. If any malfunction occurs inside the motherboard of the PC, it is very hard to service. The display width is 7.87 inch which makes it apt for amazing visualization. The Zero RPM mode maintains the noise level. The processing power is extremely performance-oriented. The cooling system of the CPU makes the process function very quiet. Corsair gives a 2-year warranty. 

Origin Chronos- best small form factor PC

Whenever you hear a PC brand model has a small form PC then without a second choice you can select that. A PC with a small form factor will occupy only less space and also help in using the power consumption efficiently. In addition to this, these types of computers can fit easily anywhere like behind televisions and monitors, etc. Importantly, you must be conscious of the overheating of the PC. Don't forget to check the proper functioning of the cooling fans. The Chronos can be either positioned vertically or horizontally. Since the small form factor helps in the easy mounting of components, a large number of components can be used inside a PC. Origin Chronos has a  warranty of 12 months.

Skytech Archangel- best Budget gaming PC

One of the best budget PCs that are apt for gaming is Skytech Archangel. The aesthetic look of the PC gives an eye-catching appearance. The features that are built into this type of PC model is stunning. The surprise element is the Skytech Archangel is available at an affordable price. The overall weight of the computer is just 28 pounds. You can play all your favorite games such as Battlefield V, Grand theft auto using this powerful PC. For cooling purposes, there are 3 x RGB RING fans. Apart from the low budget, the company offers you a free keyboard and a mouse. The PC is designed in such a way that it delivers its highest performance at 1080p. The company offers you a one year warranty with free lifetime technical support. 

Dell XPS Tower Special Edition - best sleeper gaming PC

 The Dell XPS is very plain in design but provides powerful hardware for gaming. No one could judge that the PC is not used for office work. Although the PC comprises 4 USB ports, the Dell XPS appears to be compact. Along with the front end panel ports, there are 6 similar USB ports at the back, an SD card reader, and a disk drive. In this case, You cannot judge the performance of the PC based on the appearance. The operation of the PC is very quiet and greatly makes a good choice among the people. This PC model PC supports Windows 10. 

Advantages of a Gaming PC

  1. You can customize your  gaming PC
  2. Convenient upgrade for standard games.
  3. The best option for advanced textures and customized resolutions.

Disadvantages of a Gaming PC

  1. Simple setup i.e, easy to plug and play
  2.  Expensive compared to consoles
  3. Repair is difficult.


All the above, selecting a gaming PC purely depends on the individual personal choice. Only the best computer in each category has been explained. After reading the entire article, you will get an overall idea about the features that you expect in a computer. A gaming PC might not support all the games. You must be very careful in choosing a PC that is suitable to play your favorite game. The PC range varies from low to expensive. If you are ready to burn your cash then you can turn towards expensive gaming PCs. Choose a PC which you will never regret. Each PC has its uniqueness. You can also use a customized PC or a pre-built PC as you wish.  Keep in mind that the ultimate gain must be a thrilling gaming experience.


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