Best gaming mouse

Adults are engaging themselves more hours playing games. Gamers choose a gaming mouse for its sensitivity. You gain excellent gaming experience with defined features like DPI, extra keys, polling rate, etc. Other the other hand, a normal mouse does not comprise of advanced functionality as like in the gaming mouse.

In fact, when you get to know about the special features of the gaming mouse in detail, the reason behind the ideology of preferring a gaming mouse will be exposed. You can drag the mouse with less effort due to its lightweight. You may forget that you were using the mouse for a while. Let us discuss the features that enhance the working of the gaming mouse

Features of the gaming mouse

1. Macro keys

Using these extra keys, you can allot the game functions to the keys. You are allowed to send commands to the macro key. These programmed keys can be used for shifting DPI (dots per inch).

2. Polling rate

The rate at which the mouse passes the information to the computer-based on the position and speed of the mouse. Usually, these gaming mice have a high polling rate and is measured in Hertz.

3. DPI(dots per inch)

It is the measure of the sensitivity of the mouse. In short, it gives information about how long a cursor can move on the screen. DPI is directly proportional to the sensitivity of the mouse. The optical sensors will minimize the gap between the mouse and the cursor movement.

4.Multi-key toggle

The muti-key toggle helps the mouse to send multiple commands to the computer at a    time. With this positive side, you can get a fast response from the computer. You can click multiple keys at any instant throughout the game.

Let’s discuss some of the best gaming mice preferred among people.

Best gaming mouse

If you are looking for good gaming mice then Razer DeathAdder Elite is a good choice. There are about 7 programmable buttons. The plus of this gaming mouse is its sensor which is PixArt PMW 3389. It weighs only about 105 grams which makes it very easy to handle. Its simple and matte black finish fits perfectly to the palm. It gives 99.4% resolution accuracy. You can click up to 50 million times before the end life of the product. The Deathadder Elite can give a 24-month warranty. This USB interface device is mainly designed for right-hand users with extraordinary Omron switches.

Best laptop gaming mouse

Gamers prefer the Logitech G502 gaming mouse in the wireless category. The Mechanical Swith Botton will provide a clean click. The most advanced technology employed in this model gives you greater sensitivity. There are multiple numbers of programmable buttons compared to other gaming mice. You can simply charge the mouse with the help of a mouse pad. As soon as the mouse is plugged into the charging port, the mouse never dies without charge. With all the spectacular features, the price of these gaming mice is higher than we expect. This device is compatible with a PC having Windows 7.

Best Budget gaming mouse

The gaming mice that fits your budget is the SteelSeries Rival 3. It is for gamers who play games for a longer period. Since it is cheap, it is highly recommended for rough users. The sensitivity ranges from 100 to 8500 CPI. The charging cable is about 1.8m in length. The SteelSeries comprises 6 programmable buttons. You can only see the RGB lights on the side buttons. The scrolling wheel doesn’t have any light like other brand gaming mice. The weight of the device is only about 76 grams. The optical sensor employed in this model is the SteelSeries TrueMove Core.

Gaming mouse for big hands

A gaming mouse that is apt perfectly to the big hands is the Corsair Ironclaw RGB. The high-performance sensor Pixart PMW3391 can give 18000 CPI. This model is exclusively for people who find difficulties using a smaller mouse. This device has high IPS ( inch per second) rating. There are 4 LED zones and 5 programmable buttons. Along with the 180 cm cable length, the overall weight of the device is about 130 grams.

Best gaming mouse for claw grippers

The specially designed mice for claw grippers Glorious Model O. Importantly, these gaming mice can be seen in the hands of FPS (first-person shooter)players. It is a super lightweight model in which the sensitivity is available in the range of 12000 CPI. The scroll wheel is very smooth to handle and the added thickness gives you additional support. The 6.5m long wire doesn’t give you the feel of existence due to its lightweight. The embedded software provides you DPI choices. Don’t forget to download the firmware software to make the mouse function easier.

Advantages of using a gaming mouse

For an effortless use of the extra mouse buttons, a gaming mouse is a good option. Let's see some of the benefits of a gaming mouse

Increased performance

Gaming requires multiple clicks and scrolling. These gaming mice are made in such a way that it can withstand million button clicks. Obviously, people prefer to gaming mice for their fastest response during playing the games. If you use a normal mouse, the button may get damaged easily.


The first feature that every look for in a gaming mouse is comfortability. When you are completely involved in the games and the movement of the mouse disturbs you then the whole interest will be ruined. So comfort is very imp[ortant. The gaming mouse exactly fits your hand size.

Customized keys

The extra keys in the gaming mouse will allow multiple commands to reach the computer from the mouse. At any instant, you can program any key according to the task. A set of instructions can be recorded and can be played with a single click with a help of a gaming mouse. This greatly helps in obtaining the fastest response.


The gaming mice are independent. The power-saving feature will automatically turn off the mice when the user is inactive. If you closely examine, you can see that the gaming mouse will not turn off if the user is inactive for some time. This saves the energy of the gamer to turn on for the next round of play.


Above all, it is misunderstood that gaming mice are for gamers. In reality, the gaming mouse has special buttons that ease the office’s works by performing basic tasks like copy, paste, and delete. Don’t forget to choose a gaming mouse that can perform multiple tasks. The features and size of the gaming mice must suit the user as well. The durability of the mouse is a very important factor to be considered. Keep in mind, work must be more productive. Undoubtedly, after using a gaming mouse you will never use the normal mouse again.

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