Best Gaming Keyboard

Do you want to dive into the pool of positive gaming experiences with the best peripherals like a gaming keyboard? Gaming keyboards spice up the PC games holding you at the edge of the seats. They have great potential to unlock the entire gaming program. You will find a gaming keyboard in a gamer's arsenal.

Critical Components of a Gaming Keyboard


Some gamers feel that the number pad on the keyboard occupies more space, increasing the distance between the frequently used keys and the mouse. So, you can eliminate that space using a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. Most gamers find that tenkeyless gaming keyboards satisfy all the expected needs.

Membrane Vs Mechanical

The highly skilful membrane-based keyboards are manufactured at low-cost, but it's quite challenging for the keys to realize whether you have pressed the key with full strength. Whereas in a mechanical keyboard, you instantly feel the reactiveness of the key. Feel free to click these mechanical keys for more than 40-50 million times without any replacement. You can sense the gut of the mechanical keyboard.

Specifications of a gaming keyboard


Have you ever thought that the backlights of gaming keyboards are just for the sake of attraction? These colourful lights give a visual reference for game playing. You have to look only least times on to the keyboards for continuing the action. The colour of the key changes according to the weight put on each key. This is based on the weightage you put on the key to register to the key's release. 

Keys for programming

Wouldn't you like to have a shortcut? Macro keys can conserve your energy by carrying a task in a single tap. A gamer expects a series of actions to happen in an instant to proceed with the game. These programmable macro keys are user-customized according to their convenience, thus making macro keys very user-friendly. With the use of these keys, a single strike can perform multiple actions without any delay.

Smart keyboard

An LCD on the right side of the keyboard fetches your information from the PC. You can touch multiple times on the LCD panel. As a gaming keyboard, this track panel gives essential updates of the game. In addition to this, you can surf into other apps like Youtube, Facebook, without diverting from the primary task. Other features like hotkeys are user-customized keys that are used for any application launch.

Keep under the control

Do you want to administrate all the functions at a fingertip? You can control your media activities just by finger movement. Most of the gaming keyboard keys manage the videos like a resume, stop, and fast-forwarding without mouse support. You can control the peripheral work with mic ports. In simple words, these gaming keyboards will act as an interface between a user and the monitor. 

Let us see some of the best gaming keyboards in the market.

Logitech K840- best budget gaming keyboard

A keyboard designed for gaming purposes that fit the budget is the Logitech K840. The core-plus of this keyboard is the Romer- G switch. Due to the availability of the Romer -G switch, there are no other extra specifications. Backlights and pass-throughs are not present to meet the estimated budget. Despite these many drawbacks, this keyboard didn't fail to give an aesthetic look with lighting frills. The aluminium made front plate guarantees durability. The keycaps are more likely to damage with age. It would be best if you handled the soft pads of the keyboard with care.

Corsair K100 RGB Optical- best gaming keyboard

When your thirst for upgrading never ends then the best gaming keyboard to choose is the Corsair K100. Though it is a medium-sized keyboard, you must still clear the desk before placing it. As the name suggests, the role of the RGB is vital, which not only involves functions like lighting but also speaking. In addition to this, there are many media controls and USB ports. Comfortable user keyboard keys fit all hand sizes. Indeed, you will experience all the necessary specifications in this gaming keyboard. Importantly, you can rest your fingers on keys when you are not tapping.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB- best-customized keyboard

The best customized ergonomic keyboard trending on the market is the Kinesis. You can split the keyboard into two halves to reduce muscle strain. The significant advantage of this type of gaming keyboard is that it has wrist rests and a lift kit to improve ergonomics. There are about ten macro keys readily available to customize. Note that you can push the Fn key to access a series of macro keys.
Without any extra software, You can program this device completely. And also, you can customize via Kinesis software for a better experience. But there are no media controls. You can leave the controller in the space between the two split bars for reachability.

Razer Huntsman Elite- best fastest gaming keyboard

The only keyboard that has its best find switch for optomechanical activity is the Razer Huntsman Elite. This optomechanical switch generates the fastest light beam when the keyboard key is depressed. You can easily detect if there are any metal contacts by seeing the actuation of the light. Razer keyboards have detachable magnetic wrist rests. Around 16.8 million RGB are available on the keyboard. A multi-function dial helps to adjust the PC volume. Store any data on the keyboard that allows you immensely when working with a different machine. The media controls are equally important to perform dedicated control functions.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB- best extra feature gaming Keyboard

The switch set that comes all way of your choice is the HyperX Alloy Elite. This gaming keyboard has many special features, and these gaming keyboards are available at an affordable price. There is a set of silver keys for WASD ( W, S for forward-backwards movement and A, D for right-left movement) thereby helping in good interaction between the user and the video games. Don't mind about the keypress since the keyboard has a full N-Key rollover. There are Red Backlights. For gamer comfort, HyperX keyboards have detachable wrist rests. Unfortunately, there is no macro column. Without any doubt, it is a quality gaming keyboard for all category gamers.

Importance of a Gaming Keyboard



At first sight, one look into the comfort zone before purchasing a gaming keyboard. None will be interested in forcing hands to press a key. In such cases, the gamer's choice is an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. These ergonomic customized keyboards reduce the stress on the body. 

Customized Software

When you look in detail, most of the gaming keyboard manufacturers have customized software. This software will disable certain keypresses and enable macro keys for performing a series of functions at a single tap.

Anti-ghosting keys

The keyboard can remain unconfused when many keys are pressed simultaneously with anti-ghosting keys. Certain gaming keyboards will have 20 anti-ghosting keys, i.e. you can press the same number of keys at an instant to improve gaming without issues.



In the final analysis, every branded gaming keyboard is the best at its specifications. Choose a gaming keyboard that satisfies all your expectations. Remember to consider all the features of a gaming keyboard. Don't forget to read the reviews before deciding which gaming keyboard to buy. It would be great to prefer a gaming keyboard as a peripheral for a gaming PC for stellar gaming performance. 


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