Best Android games

Android games are scattered all over the google play store. When you surf on the google play store, you get to see many games belonging to all categories. It is practically not possible to try out millions of games. Don't you feel disappointed if the game you play doesn't meet your expectations? The best way before playing a game of your choice is to read out the reviews posted on the internet.

Youngsters have more interaction with android games for its engaging experience and flexibility. In fact, the play store of google earns about 90% of the profit from these gaming apps. You have no worries about making a group of friends to play on a rainy day. These games have a live setting of joining more people into the same game from any distance. 

If you think that playing android games is waste of time, you must understand that there are certain games that improve the functioning of the brain. When you focus more on the game, your concentration power is increased. Let us see some of the benefits of playing an android game

1.Multiple number of players

Think that you are the only child for your parents and they don’t let you go and play outside during weekends. What will be the state of mind you would possess?. You wish to play with your friend who is miles apart from your home. In these situations, android games help to connect with your buddies. You will never feel the loneliness in your home.

2.Problem-solving skills

To win a game, you should use a number of tactics. If there is a will, there is a way.  The no-stop working of your brain fetches you a solution.  Some android games are specially developed to test your brain. Increase your IQ level by playing these games. These games mainly focus on boosting your concentration power.

3.Mood improvement

Game experts say that “ Playing games for at least an hour can cheer your mind”. A break from regular work for playing your favorite games balances your state of mood. If you notice, the work speed increases after playing a game for some time. This helps you to relieve stress to a great extend. You enthusiastically involve in your work. Moreover, playing a game is similar to drinking coffee. It can change your mood in an instant.

Best games on android

No game is bad if it makes people feel better after playing. So anyone can play games from the place where he sat. In simple words, you play with distant friends with fewer efforts. Android games like racing games, finding hidden object games can greatly boost your brain. A child is suffering from dexterity can engage himself in the game with a lot of hand movements. This paves the way to improve dexterity in a good way. Angry birds is the best game for people with dexterity. Kids must be under the supervision of parents while playing any type of game.

Best survival games android

The nucleus motto of the game is to survive till the end of the game. You will lose the game only by dying. For example, the recent sensational in the gaming field is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) a survival game in which the player can either choose a team of up to a maximum of four people or play solo. The team which survives till the end is declared as the winner of the battle. The PUBG has an audio setting by which you can communicate with your fellow teammates. This makes the game very lively and interesting. Most of the youngsters opt for this game as it gives a feel of playing together with multiple players.

Best offline android games

At times your mobile data or wifi cross the limit without your knowledge. You might decide to play games. There are certain offline games. Candy crush saga is a well known offline game among kids. In this game, a player can score more points by sorting similar sized candy blocks.

Since these games don’t demand any money to play, the number of downloads have crossed around 2.7 billion across the globe. The Candy crush saga consists of colorful candies with challenge levels that tempt the children to play with interest. It is a top trending game till now even after five years of its release.

Best android racing games

Some games will always be the first choice for boys. Such a game which has gained popularity is racing games. These games are also offline games. The ASPHALT 8 Airborne is a racing game that can be used by multiple players. This game is developed in such a way that the user experience a racer feel with high-quality graphics. In this game, you can either shake the mobile or touch the arrow for directing the car. There are about 5 modes of the game with 90+ dream cars. A competitive race increases your concentration power. This game will support only in high specification mobiles.

Best hidden object games android

The game which aims at finding the hidden objects is played by school children. Finding an object hidden in a place is similar to a treasure hunt game played outdoor. This game keeps the children very active throughout the game. It can drive the player to an adventure of finding new clues. The hidden game is highly recommended to children as it activates the brain and improves the mood. In a game named Hidden city, the player can travel to many places to find the treasure. The game revolves around you and your missing friend. Your goal is to find your missing friend with hidden clues.


 When you are given too many choices, it is very difficult to play. Before wasting your time, choose a game that engages you and gives a thrilling experience. A game can either entertain or destroy. You should not lose yourself while playing the game. Games are developed for a fun purpose. Engage yourself and spend quality time with your favorite games. 

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